Bestuur en teams


Het bestuur van Forum Vereniging voor Volkshuisvesting bestaat uit de volgende leden:

  • Bob Witjes (voorzitter)

  • Ian Gordon (secretaris)

  • Jaap van Dijk (penningmeester)

  • Gerard van Bortel (bestuurslid)

Een subtitel


Evenement in historie

Our steel factory was founded in 1974 by steel industry veteran John together with his sons Tim and Bob. It was a little family business serving the entire Metro Detroit area. The main strategy was a value of customers and meet their needs. They were producing only cold rolled steel bars.


Evenement in historie

In process of time, they saw the need for automation and this idea brought them to Japan where they became convinced that the best way going forward was to buy a complete state of the art rolling mill from one of the most technically advanced countries in the world.


Evenement in historie

The company continued with incremental improvements on the basis of using only the best technology in the manufacture of section steel bars, plates and tubes, that met and even exceeded standards set by the local government. It opened a new opportunity for Steel Factory.


Evenement in historie

The company opened 10 constituent companies over the whole country. Steel Factory became an integrated steel producer with major production operations in North America and Center Europe. We were producing 30 million tons a year and every day the volume of output increased.


Evenement in historie

Today, our Steel Factory remains proud of its past but is focused on its future. As a leader in the increasingly competitive global steel industry, our corporation is dedicated to delivering high-quality products to our customers and building value for all of our stakeholders.